Battle Lines

Series 2 - Episode 1 Battle Lines



This second series is facing a huge challenge: how to give JR a decent send-off while still making the show seem viable. Despite advancing years, ill health and reduced screen time, Larry Hagman (above right) was always the main reason for watching this revival, so his passing could cause a problem.

He does feature in the first six episodes of this latest run, so there’s thankfully a decent chunk of JR left to go. But what will happen following his on-screen death? We are promised Dallas characters of the past to be in town for the funeral, so let’s start the speculation now — Sly the secretary? Donna Krebbs? Or maybe, just maybe, Pam?


The return of the drama about the glamorous lives and vicious feuds of a Texas oil dynasty. Christopher seeks to gain the upper hand in his divorce from Rebecca Sutter, but a revelation turns everything on its head, causing the entire family to put their differences aside and rally together - except for John Ross, who uses JR's dirty tricks to take revenge on Christopher and Elena. Meanwhile, Harris Ryland blackmails Ann, forcing her and Bobby to confront a shocking secret from her past. Josh Henderson and Jesse Metcalfe star.

Cast & Crew

Elena Ramos Jordana Brewster
Bobby Ewing Patrick Duffy
Rebecca Sutter Julie Gonzalo
Sue Ellen Ewing Linda Gray
JR Ewing Larry Hagman
John Ross Ewing Josh Henderson
Christopher Ewing Jesse Metcalfe
Ann Ewing Brenda Strong
Harris Ryland Mitch Pileggi
Director Michael M Robin
Executive Producer Michael M Robin
Executive Producer Cynthia Cidre
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