Costing the Earth

Berlin's Big Gamble

Episode 1 Berlin's Big Gamble



Renewable energy is an oddly emotive subject. Green campaigners who think harnessing the sun and wind is an obvious, baseline essential in the battle against climate change have been met with furious opposition: for some politicians and journalists, wind farms are like Kryptonite, sapping them of all reason and sense of proportion.

In this documentary, Tom Heap finds the same phenomenon in Germany, which is vastly ahead of us in its conversion to clean power at the expense of oil, gas and nuclear. But some people there think this transition, the Energiewende, is an irresponsible gamble that could cripple the German economy.


Tom Heap investigates whether Germany can obtain all its energy from green sources and maintain its industries with solar and wind power alone. In Berlin he meets politicians and environmentalists backing the plans and industrialists who fear optimism has replaced the government's logical approach.
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