Great Houses with Julian Fellowes

Goodwood House

Series 1 - Episode 2 Goodwood House



Fellowes concludes his two-part series tracing the historical storylines that run along the wood-panelled corridors of great houses. As it happens, his destination this week, Goodwood in West Sussex, was also covered in Channel 4’s Aristocrats series last November (we’re in the midst of one of TV’s periodic obsessions with aristocrats and stately homes).

But while that looked at efforts by the current heir, the Earl of March, to make the estate pay, Fellowes is more interested in the house’s back story, including why it owes its existence to a love affair between a British king and a French spy.


The Downton Abbey creator concludes his two-part documentary at Goodwood House in West Sussex, for 300 years the seat of the Dukes of Richmond and Gordon. He reveals how an affair between a British king and a French woman sent as a `spy in the bedchamber' played an important part in the stately home's history, delves into a maid's unpublished memoir from the 1920s and observes the saw used to amputate the Earl of Uxbridge's leg at Waterloo.