The Ramblin' Boy - Part Two

Series 7 - Episode 4 The Ramblin' Boy - Part Two



Lewis’s cheery new sidekick DC Gray is smoking electronic cigarettes, another invention of the modern world that leaves the dear detective looking pained. But not for long, because at last Robbie Lewis has something to feel happy about as he and lovely Laura (Clare Holman) take their fond friendship to another level.

It’s very sweet to see Lewis (Kevin Whately) all unselfconscious and acting with old-fashioned chivalry. It seems that memories of his dead wife, the sainted Val, are fading at long last.

But there is still work to be done in the concluding part of a story involving body-swapping and strange goings-on at an Oxford undertaker’s. Even the absent Hathaway is dragged into the investigation on his holidays in Kosovo when Lewis sends him on an errand. He’s not pleased about it.


Part two of two. The detective is convinced Liam has information relating to the death of Dr Whitby and the cremation, and while on a dinner date with Hobson, he stumbles upon the narrow boat occupied by the student's girlfriend Ruth - and ends up rescuing her from a fire. Meanwhile, Hathaway investigates the Faulkners' farmhouse in Croatia and discovers it is being used as a meth factory - and suddenly the mystery of the bodies, the funeral parlour and the murder victims takes on a whole new dimension. Guest starring Lucy Speed and Peter Davison, with Kevin Whately and Laurence Fox.

Cast & Crew

DI Robert Lewis Kevin Whately
DS James Hathaway Laurence Fox
Dr Laura Hobson Clare Holman
Ch Supt Innocent Rebecca Front
Brian Miller Tom Brooke
DC Gray Babou Ceesay
Peter Faulkner Peter Davison
Tara Faulkner Camilla Power
Emma Barnes Lia Williams
Ruth Wilson Harriet Ballard
Liam Jay Taron Egerton
Louise Cornish Lucy Speed
Jack Cornish Mark Powley
Beverley Miller Jessica Harris
Amy Victoria Ball
Claire Rosie Holden
Child Granit Zallufi
Director Daniel Reed
Producer Chris Burt
Writer Lucy Gannon
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