One Born Every Minute

One Born Every Minute

Series 4 - Episode 5



I like the midwives’ chats in their little office, the conversations straight out of an Alan Bennett short story, all the better for being told in rich Yorkshire accents. Midwife Linda tells her colleagues about the boredom of a dull cruise to Alaska: “I was sick to the back teeth reading that Kindle.” But though there’s lots of tea, chat and laughter in the cubby hole, when the women need to act, they are straight out of their chairs and into the delivery suites, by turns cheerleading and calming sometimes shrieking women.

Tonight your hearts will go out to Joel and Rachel, faces etched with worry, as they await the birth of their second child. Their first, baby Oscar, died at just 26 weeks.


Midwife Linda Abbott comes out of retirement to return to Leeds General Infirmary, while two fathers with very different attitudes await the arrival of their newborns. Joel dotes on wife Rachel and the couple grow more anxious with each day on the labour ward, having lost their first son who was born prematurely. Meanwhile, Chris admits he doesn't have a clue what to do in his role as birth partner, and his attempt to use humour to deal with his nerves fails to go down well in the delivery room.

Cast & Crew

Director Anna Dickeson
Executive Producer Peter Moore
Series Director Emily Smith
Series Producer Dominique Foster