The Shrine

Series 4 - Episode 1 The Shrine



John and Carol’s house has been on the market for months when a man is accidentally killed outside their home. The spot is turned into a shrine and, though the couple try to be sensitive about the tributes and mourners outside, it makes selling impossible and their lives a misery.

Matthew Kelly and Barbara Flynn star in this dark but top-notch and thought-provoking story, the first of a series of stand-alone dramas about people at a turning point in their lives. Coming so soon after the equally fine Father Brown, it must lead daytime viewers to think that their Christmasses and birthdays have all come at once.


A married couple find that a nearby shrine of flowers, cards and soft toys, in honour of a neighbour who died in a car accident is preventing them from selling their home. Fearing they will never attract a buyer, the pair think up a desperate plan to change their fortunes. Drama, starring Matthew Kelly and Barbara Flynn.

Cast & Crew

John Matthew Kelly
Carol Barbara Flynn
Sarah Sally Carman
Neil Steve Evets
Dave Neil Bell
Ryan Steve Marsh
Mr Mason Craig Sharkey
Mrs Mason Katie Tracey
Police officer Keir McEwan
Estate agent Hamish Sturgeon
Baby Lana Scholes Nuttall
Director Noreen Kershaw
Executive Producer Colin McKeown
Producer Donna Molloy
Writer Karen Brown
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