You've Been Framed! Gold Top 100 Holidays

You've Been Framed! Gold Top 100 Holidays

Series 25



The lame Animal Antics on BBC1 features clips of animals doing silly things, hosted by dear Tim Brooke-Taylor (why, Tim?) and a comedian dressed as a dog. It’s a young pretender to the throne that’s been occupied for so long by Harry Hill and You’ve Been Framed! Hill doesn’t need a sidekick, and we don’t even have to see him as he provides unbeatable commentaries on the world’s seemingly endless footage of people caught off-guard, being stupid. This hour-long buffet of delights features holiday muck-ups so laugh yourselves into dizziness, with snippets of people slipping into swimming pools and coming a cropper on jet-skis.


Comedian Harry Hill narrates a countdown of 100 vacation-themed camcorder calamities and viewer-submitted mobile-phone clips, featuring slip-ups in the sun, blunders on the beach and a range of other holiday hiccups.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Harry Hill
Executive Producer Sumi Connock
Producer Chris Thornton