You've Been Framed! Gold: Top 100 Holidays

You've Been Framed! Gold: Top 100 Holidays

Series 25

Thursday 7pm - 8pm ITV2 (not ITV2+1)
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Thursday, 8pm - 9pm ITV2+1
Sat 1 Jul, 6:25am - 7:10am ITV2 (not ITV2+1)
Sat 1 Jul, 7:25am - 8:10am ITV2+1


The lame Animal Antics on BBC1 features clips of animals doing silly things, hosted by dear Tim Brooke-Taylor (why, Tim?) and a comedian dressed as a dog. It’s a young pretender to the throne that’s been occupied for so long by Harry Hill and You’ve Been Framed! Hill doesn’t need a sidekick, and we don’t even have to see him as he provides unbeatable commentaries on the world’s seemingly endless footage of people caught off-guard, being stupid. This hour-long buffet of delights features holiday muck-ups so laugh yourselves into dizziness, with snippets of people slipping into swimming pools and coming a cropper on jet-skis.


Comedian Harry Hill narrates a countdown of 100 vacation-themed camcorder calamities and viewer-submitted mobile-phone clips, featuring slip-ups in the sun, blunders on the beach and a range of other holiday hiccups.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Harry Hill
Executive Producer Sumi Connock
Producer Chris Thornton