The Break-Up

Series 4 - Episode 4 The Break-Up



A concept episode about long-distance relationships and young lovers growing apart, with a lot more tears than laughs. Rachel and Finn, Kurt and Blaine, Santana and Brittany, and even Mr Schu and Emma are struggling with wanting different things and being in different states. That means there’s none of last week’s “Rachel, Kurt and the City” vibe and a lot of agonised balladry.

As Blaine, Darren Criss does a terrific job in a scene that demands he sing a Katy Perry song at the piano with gathering anger and upset. But by the end, everyone’s got so emotional that there’s only one thing for it. The nuclear option: Coldplay.


Matters of the heart dominate proceedings this week as Finn reveals the reason for his silence and how he feels he has lost his way, so Rachel hopes a taste of the Big Apple will inspire him. But he still has his doubts. Blaine also turns up on Kurt's doorstep to make a heart-breaking confession, while the pressure of maintaining a long-distance relationship is taking its toll on Brittany and Santana. But it isn't just teenage romance in the spotlight - Emma and Will hit a stumbling block when she admits she doesn't want to go to Washington, DC with him.

Cast & Crew

Kurt Hummel Chris Colfer
Blaine Anderson Darren Criss
Artie Abrams Kevin McHale
Rachel Berry Lea Michele
Finn Hudson Cory Monteith
Brittany Pierce Heather Morris
Will Schuester Matthew Morrison
Sam Evans Chord Overstreet
Santana Lopez Naya Rivera
Tina Cohen-Chang Jenna Ushkowitz
Director Alfonso Gomez-Rejon
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