Junior Doctors: Your Life in Their Hands

Junior Doctors: Your Life in Their Hands

Series 3 - Episode 2



“Don’t worry, just crack on,” says a patient soothingly as Tom fails for the gazillionth time to take a blood sample. The newly qualified doctor is flustered and turns even pinker when — midway through a routine examination — he realises another patient is having a heart attack. With the man’s blood pressure dropping dramatically and his superior looking on, Tom must this time insert a chunky cannula…

You’ll never look at that young medic trembling by your bedside in the same way again after watching this series, which is careful to document the tedium of night shifts as well as the drama of crash calls.


Emily has to think on her feet as the first doctor on the scene of a cardiac arrest, and Tom must act fast when his patient suffers a heart attack, as the medics settle into life on the wards and discover the emotional cost of being a doctor.