Life After War: Haunted by Helmand

Life After War: Haunted by Helmand


The dreadful effects of post-traumatic stress disorder on soldiers returning from Afghanistan are explored in this exemplary, compassionate film. It follows members of an infantry platoon as they struggle to come to terms with the events of 10 July 2009, when a foot patrol in Sangin fell victim to an IED ambush with the loss of five lives.

Seeing the survivors struggle to articulate what they went through is almost painful — and the carefully chosen words of the family of one of their number who committed suicide are heartbreaking. But what rings out clearest are the mothers’ voices asking why so often those suffering from PTSD are left to suffer alone.


Documentary about the survivors of the 2009 attack on a British Army foot patrol in Afghanistan's Helmand Province, during which five members of the same platoon were killed. The soldiers reflect on how their lives have been affected by the horrors of the event. Narrated by Shaun Parkes.