Allotment Wars

Allotment Wars


This sly little film, complete with rumpety-tumpety music and a knowing narration from Sarah Lancashire, potters around the allotments of Britain and finds that the suburbs are seething.

Back-biting, arson, burglary, vandalism, plant-poisoning and subterfuge are all here. In Torquay, a campaign of harassment aimed at allotment committee chairman Tony led to the abduction of his wife Janet’s beloved Bill and Ben dolls — later found wedged behind a down pipe. It’s Little Britain, but with massive carrots.


Documentary lifting the lid on the dirty tricks played by rival gardeners across the UK as they battle to have the best plots, revealing what happens when strangers are thrust together on the land with too much time on their hands and several sharp tools. Civil war breaks out between plot-holders in Devon, with prize vegetables being snatched and sheds being ransacked. A series of break-ins prompts two brave gardeners to go hunting for a suspect in the local woods. And in Newcastle, two men fight for the title of Champion City Gardener. These rivals have not spoken for years - what will happen when they come face to face at the annual garden show?