Coronation Street

Coronation Street

Episode 8046



Kirsty has become one of the most fascinating Street characters in some time. She could easily have been painted as a two-dimensional villain, but although undoubtedly vicious, she’s also strangely vulnerable. Now in the wake of Monday’s wedding, the terrifying but tormented abuser realises that Tyrone has only married her to get custody of Ruby. During a row with the man she’s physically and mentally pummelled for so long, Kirsty loses her balance, trips down the stairs and is rushed to hospital. But will she use the accident to her advantage? Ty is left in little doubt when the police come calling.


When an argument erupts at No 9, Kirsty lashes out and loses her balance before falling down the stairs. At the hospital she devises a callous plan to use the accident to her advantage - leaving Tyrone horrified as the police come calling for him.

Cast & Crew

Tyrone Dobbs Alan Halsall
Kirsty Soames Natalie Gumede
Director Mickey Jones
Producer Phil Collinson
Writer Jayne Hollinson