Chapel of Skins

Chapel of Skins


High on the hills of the Welsh Marches sits a crossroads. Countless souls have walked these pathways, but the place remains the same: a wilderness where nature now rests uncomfortably with an old phone box and an ancient chapel.

Regular listeners will not be surprised to learn that this eerie play is the work of Paul Evans, Sarah Blunt and Chris Watson, who all work for the BBC’s natural history unit. This is their third venture into drama, and while it has the trademark wildlife recordings (this time of fretting curlews and buzzards), it also gives more space to the human voice.

Three ghostly characters from different centuries must try and gain sanctuary in the chapel or else be doomed to walk these pathways for another 100 years. Captivating and evocative.


Paul Evans' tale about a ghostly meeting of ways at a remote crossroads, where each path has a story to tell about a chapel which lost souls in search of sanctuary must reach by midnight. Recorded in the Shropshire hills of the Welsh Marches, with recordings by naturalist Chris Watson. From 2013.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Paul Evans
Actor Paul Evans
Actor Liza Sadovy
Actor Ben Crowe
Actor Alex Tregear
Contributor Chris Watson
Director Sarah Blunt
Writer Paul Evans
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