Crazy for Party Drugs

Crazy for Party Drugs


Ecstasy and cocaine are so old hat. These days the party drugs of choice are mephedrone (often called “meow meow” or M-Cat), ketamine and so-called legal highs, which are proving addictive and toxic.

In this sobering documentary we meet three young people well acquainted with them: Holly believes mephedrone is ruining her life; Oliver breakfasts on ketamine; and Tony is convinced he knows his limits. With Halloween as an excuse, the latter embarks on a four-day bender, while the others struggle to stay on the straight and narrow. We also hear from their despairing parents, the long-suffering staff of Leeds infirmary and doctors who run the first specialist “club drug clinic”.


A look at Britain's changing drug culture and the latest craze for taking mephedrone, ketamine and GHB. The programme follows three people in Leeds over one of the biggest party weekends of the year - Halloween and Bonfire Night - and gains access to the first specialist `club drug clinic' outside of London, which treats people who have suffered problems after taking the pills.