Nazi Temple of Doom

Nazi Temple of Doom


At the bottom of Lake Chiemsee in Bavaria in 2001, divers found something very special – a large cauldron festooned with Celtic imagery, made of 10.5kg of gold. At first heralded as a major archaeological find, the cauldron was soon revealed as a 20th-century fake, but that’s where this misleadingly titled story begins.

The “Temple of Doom” is in fact Heinrich Himmler’s SS stronghold at Wewelsburg where, with the help of “historians” and mystics, he hoped to create a new religion based on Germany’s pre-Christian past. And what does any cod-religion need? Magical objects. But what if you’ve got to make them to order…


Documentary exploring how the discovery of a gold cauldron in Germany was linked to Wewelsburg Castle, a fortress where Heinrich Himmler indulged in his obsession with the occult.