The Business End of Things

Series 1 - Episode 2 The Business End of Things



“What we have to offer you will change your life!” nurse receptionist Scott declares in his best impression of a Dragons’ Den pitch. Then he remembers what he’s selling. Death. Specifically, an assisted suicide machine to a stomach cancer patient.

The initial shock factor of this black comedy may set nerves jangling. However, watch it and you’ll find a straightforward sitcom that has managed to engineer an unusual situation for its incompetent yet well-meaning characters.


Following the complaints of an unhappy customer, Scott tries to improve the group's professionalism by taking them to a business seminar. Joey receives an unexpected punishment for not settling his debts with his lender. Black comedy, starring Blake Harrison, Ben Heathcote and Marc Wootton.

Cast & Crew

Cozzo Marc Wootton
Scott Blake Harrison
Joey Ben Heathcote
Debbie Sinead Matthews
Dr Jill Melanie Jessop
Nkanta Malachi Kirby
Razak Daniel-John Williams
Elroy Derek Griffiths
Kelly Camilla Arfwedson
Lecturer John Voce
Police community officer John Kirk
Director Catherine Morshead
Executive Producer Jon Plowman
Producer Justin Davies
Writer Bob Kushell
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