Supermum and Hardguy2000

Series 2 - Episode 3 Supermum and Hardguy2000



Laura gets a work placement and insists on Jamie babysitting, but an exam means he must leave Emily with inexperienced child-carers Mike and Beth. Meanwhile, Keith takes a job working from home, but is shocked to discover he has become involved with the sex industry. Comedy, starring Sean Michael Verey and Scarlett Alice Johnson.

Cast & Crew

Jamie Prince Sean Michael Verey
Laura Derbyshire Scarlett Alice Johnson
Mike Fenton Dylan Edwards
Beth Mitchell Yasmin Paige
Keith Prince Ben Crompton
Sandra Prince Bronagh Gallagher
Alan Derbyshire Angus Deayton
Bobby Tracy-Ann Oberman
Olivia Isabella Jarrett
Fiona Tanya Franks
Teacher Garry Stewart
Pretty Girl Siobhan Reilly
Director Misha Manson-Smith
Executive Producer Lucy Robinson
Producer Catherine Gosling Fuller
Writer Tom Edge
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