The Go-Getter

Series 1 - Episode 2 The Go-Getter



David Walliams guest-stars as Baxter, a pernickety secretary brought in by the formidable Aunt Constance to clear up the mess of her halfwitted brother Lord Emsworth (Timothy Spall).

He starts by re-classifying his boss’s marbles collection. “I promise you, I will regularise your brother,” he announces before attacking the hapless Emsworth’s paperwork with terrifying zeal. It’s another sweetly funny episode in Guy Andrews’s adaptations of the PG Wodehouse stories. Just think of it as The Idiot Downton Abbey, where absurd toffs get into muddles, usually with pigs and women.

Emsworth’s impecunious rooster-haired buffoon of a son, Freddie (smashing Jack Farthing), has once again lost his allowance, this time in a doomed wager with fellow Drones Club member Catsmeat Potter Pirbright. After eating dog biscuits to impress a girl, Freddie decides to make his fortune selling canine nibbles. Biffing!


Connie is keen to make an impression on the visiting Schoonmakers, so she hires a personal secretary (guest star David Walliams) to get the house - and Clarence - in order. However, the occasion is ruined somewhat by Freddie's attempt to sell them dog food. Comedy based on the stories by PG Wodehouse, co-starring Jennifer Saunders, Timothy Spall, Jack Farthing and Sylvestra Le Touzel.

Cast & Crew

Clarence Timothy Spall
Connie Jennifer Saunders
Beach Mark Williams
Freddie Jack Farthing
Pandora Natalie Burt
Baxter David Walliams
Cyril Tony Maudsley
Veronica Schoonmaker Sylvestra Le Touzel
Jimmy Schoonmaker Nick Hardin
Director Paul Seed
Producer Spencer Campbell
Writer Guy Andrews
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