The Most Troubled Families in Britain

The Most Troubled Families in Britain


Political allegory, satire, espionage and a murder mystery — all are present and correct in this adaptation of the 1961 novel by Swiss author
Friedrich Dürrenmatt.

Set in a sanatorium for the mentally ill, it centres on three madmen, all scientists, who believe themselves to be the renowned thinkers Einstein, Newton and Möbius (who’s regularly visited by the biblical King Solomon). But there’s more to them than meets the eye. Also, why do their nurses keep being murdered? And what about the head of the institution , What’s her agenda? Tune in and find out.


Winifred Robinson looks at the work of government official Louise Casey, who was appointed to oversee plans to turn around the lives of Britain's most troubled families following the 2011 riots. The programme reflects on the project's first year, including efforts to tackle problems such as truancy, gang violence and antisocial behaviour.