Great Night Out

Great Night Out

Series 1 - Episode 2



This is more like it. After a shaky, tenuous, trying-a-bit-too-hard start last week, the Stockport comedy about a bunch of hapless lads hits its stride tonight. Suddenly, the likeable, daft ensemble comes into its own. There’s a real collective chemistry between the four male leads: when they wind each other up or get competitive about tiny things, we can believe they’ve been mates since for ever. The reaction tonight when Hodge (Lee Boardman — milking every comic drop from his lines) turns up for a night’s drinking in a loud yellow cardigan foisted on him by his wife feels spot on. And there are proper, splutteringly funny moments as the evening degenerates via alcohol, a string of sausages and Glyn’s new boss Mad Tony. Once again Hodge’s well-meaning but hopeless instincts land him in his wife’s bad books. She’s got a whole library.


The lads try to cheer Daz up after he has yet another row with girlfriend Colleen, but it has a detrimental effect on Glyn's first day in his new job for local gangster Mad Tony. Hodge's questionable fashion choice inadvertently lands the friends in a spot of bother. Comedy, starring Lee Boardman, William Ash, Craig Parkinson and Stephen Walters.

Cast & Crew

Beggsy William Ash
Hodge Lee Boardman
Glyn Craig Parkinson
Daz Stephen Walters
Kath Rebekah Staton
Colleen Naomi Bentley
Julie Christine Bottomley
Warren Ricky Tomlinson
Mrs B Susie Blake
Mrs Walsh Margaret Jackman
Beryl Esther Coles
Zoe Daisy Beaumont
Donna Mikyla Dodd
Mitch Colin Hoult
Tony Connor McIntyre
Mick Nico Tatorowicz
Angry man Steve Money
Angry man’s son Thomas Godfrey
Kid 1 Lee Abate
Kid 2 Danny Kerr
Director Elliot Hegarty
Executive Producer Jimmy Mulville
Executive Producer Paul Schlesinger
Executive Producer Mark Bussell
Executive Producer Justin Sbresni
Producer Pat Lees
Producer Angela Sinden
Writer Mark Bussell
Writer Justin Sbresni
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