Series 2 - Episode 2



That’s the trouble with having so many good characters in your multi-stranded ensemble comedy drama: what if part of the show ends up being worthy of its own series? Ruth Jones and her writers will be in that predicament if they keep coming up with such good scenes for Elizabeth Berrington as Paula, the randy, boozy undertaker who this week has to face the fact that her randy, dopey husband Dai is hopeless at the job. At the very least she needs to get someone else to apply make-up to the corpses.

Everything else seems monochrome in comparison, as Luke returns home and Alun’s luck worsens still further when his attempt to raise money by flogging old tat ends up making a massive loss.

But there’s a lovely subplot in which 13-year-old Ben tries to learn about the ladies, and a surprise in store.


Sean plans to leave Pontyberry after Stella's confession that he might not be the father of her baby, and it isn't long before the gossips get wind of this latest development. But some familiar faces are back - Luke is home from Canada, having been deported for hiding his criminal record, and Bobby has also returned - and just in the nick of time for Paula, who has reached the end of her tether with Dai. Comedy drama, co-starring Kenny Doughty, Catrin Stewart, Mark Lewis Jones, Rory Girvan, Owen Teale and Elizabeth Berrington.

Cast & Crew

Stella Ruth Jones
Sean Kenny Doughty
Emma Catrin Stewart
Rob Mark Lewis Jones
Luke Craig Gallivan
Ben Justin Davis
Dai Owen Teale
Paula Elizabeth Berrington
Alan Steve Speirs
Karl Julian Lewis Jones
Nadine Karen Paullada
Sunil Rory Girvan
Bobby Aled Pugh
Aunty Brenda Di Botcher
Writer Ruth Jones
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