Thicker Than Water

Series 14 - Episode 165 Thicker Than Water



Jimmi is caught between medical ethics and legal boundaries when he treats a patient, Paul, who has hurt his hand after smashing up his uncle’s office. Paul reveals that his mother has recently died and believes her death was the fault of his uncle Joseph. After a spot of investigating, Jimmi is incensed to discover that Joseph runs a “medical” practice dealing in blood testing. He promises patients he can cure them by testing their blood and prescribing vitamins, as long as they don’t tell their GPs.

Meanwhile, at the start of the day, Mandy thinks things are looking up for her. However, as dusk falls, her positive mood has evaporated.


A live blood testing consultation presents Jimmi with a dilemma regarding medical ethics and the law, while Chris spends some time with his father and realises that things are different between them. Medical drama, starring Adrian Lewis Morgan and Nathan Wright.