The Beginning of the End

Series 1 - Episode 1 The Beginning of the End



Scott’s life is in freefall: his girlfriend has just left him, he’s dropped out of studying medicine and has ended up in a dead end job as a receptionist in a veterinary practice. Then out of the blue his terminally ill neighbour comes to him with a favour – to help him commit suicide.

This black comedy aims to mine humour out of the darkest of circumstances and, in this first episode at least, it seems to have worked. Inbetweeners star Blake Harrison manages to deliver some edgy gags while still keeping hold of our sympathies. But as his ingenious suicide machine – nicknamed the “McFlurry of Death” – turns from a favour to a promising business proposal, will the series maintain its balance?


Black comedy from the pen of US screenwriter Bob Kushell. A life-or-death need for cash leaves luckless Scott reluctantly agreeing to help his terminally ill neighbour end his own life, and in the process, he and his two friends decide to set up their own illicit assisted-suicide business. Starring Blake Harrison, Ben Heathcote and Marc Wootton.

Cast & Crew

Scott Blake Harrison
Cozzo Marc Wootton
Joey Ben Heathcote
Debbie Sinead Matthews
Dr Jill Melanie Jessop
Paddy Brennan Tom Georgeson
Lucie Hannah Job
Nkanta Malachi Kirby
Razak Daniel-John Williams
Vicki Lucy Read
Director Catherine Morshead
Executive Producer Jon Plowman
Producer Justin Davies
Writer Bob Kushell
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