Sofa's Choice

Series 1 - Episode 2 Sofa's Choice



Bryan and David get a reality check on parenting in the second episode of the sitcom about the modern family of two gay men, the surrogate Goldie who’s agreed to carry their egg donor baby, her young daughter Shania and bigoted grandmother.

Someone’s defaced Bryan’s vintage leather couch, playing havoc with his OCD (obsessive chic disorder), while partner David’s straight friends are horrified that he’ll be losing his freedom to bring up a baby.

The mix of caustic humour and the saccharine is not so smooth this week; it’s all a bit lumpy – but the hilarious sight of young Shania imitating Little Edie from Grey Gardens helps emulsify things.


Shania gets the blame for a smiley face drawn in marker pen on Bryan's leather sofa, but is she really the culprit? David and Bryan try to recapture their youth with a night out on the town, while Jane persuades Goldie's estranged husband Clay to come to Los Angeles and talk her grand-daughter into returning to Ohio.