Junior Doctors: Your Life in Their Hands

Making a Good First Impression

Series 3 - Episode 1 Making a Good First Impression



The eye-opening docusoap returns for a third series, this time following the fledgeling medics of Royal Liverpool University Hospital. They crack open the bubbly the day before their first shifts (known as “Black Wednesday” to nurses) but could be sitting down to their last meal; their eyes bulge with apprehension.

Prepare to cringe during botched blood tests, adrenaline-inducing crash calls and curt dressings-down from seniors. One doesn’t make it beyond day two after a consultant strikes him from the rota, while another is so impressive she’s allowed to step inside the hallowed realm of the operating theatre.


The programme moves to a Liverpool hospital, where seven junior doctors discover their first day on the job is a matter of life or death and one learns that his medical training in Italy could never have prepared him for the demands of a British emergency department.