God's Work

Series 4 - Episode 8 God's Work



Jessica Tang is a determined woman and someone who’s convinced of her superior abilities as a cop. But her partner John Cooper, and by extension the audience, are coming to realise that Tang (excellent Lucy Liu) has a flinty heart and a chilly conscience. Last week we saw her lie about the shooting of a man; tonight we see how far she will go to cover up her actions. All of this is making dear Coop feel undermined and hankering for his prescription-drug-abusing days. He’s walking a tightrope; here’s hoping he doesn’t slip.


Lydia and her partner Ruben investigate the death of a nanny, but must first locate the children who were in her care. Ben's efforts to improve the lot of a mother working as a prostitute only make things worse, and Tang receives an update on the boy she shot - but John urges her to come clean about what really happened. Police drama, guest starring Dorian Missick and Lucy Liu.