Funny Business

Gags to Riches

Series 1 - Episode 1 Gags to Riches



Anyone who works in an office will have had the experience: an awards bash for people in your sector, a hotel ballroom, rubbery roast chicken — and up on stage a half-known name from the comedy circuit making ill-informed cracks about your business and looking as if he can’t wait to collect his cheque.

It needn’t be such torture; in fact, some comedians make an art form (and a packet) out of such well-lubricated corporate gigs, as this three-part series discovers. Among those recalling the pitfalls when comedy and commerce collide are John Cleese, Rhod Gilbert and Jo Brand, while RT’s own Eddie Mair narrates.


Eddie Mair narrates a documentary about how comedians can generate vast sums of money from the corporate world - from making after-dinner speeches to appearing in TV commercials. The first episode reveals what happened when a British stand-up decided to create a company trading on laughs, while other comics explain why they think taking part in adverts compromises their creativity and integrity. Contributors include John Cleese, Rhod Gilbert, Jo Brand, Arthur Smith, Mark Thomas, Clive Anderson and Barry Cryer.