The Dumping Ground


Series 1 - Episode 4 SOS



Elm Tree House is still better than home for many of its residents, and their loyalty to each other is clear. Jody’s family is apparently a success story, out of prison and back together, but brother Kingsley exerts a strong grip over the shiny Jackson household. Gina’s instinct tells her to keep Jody close, but the social worker disagrees.


Jody seems happy to be back with her family, but Carmen discovers she is frightened of her brother and plans a rescue mission.

Cast & Crew

Mike Connor Byrne
Gina Kay Purcell
Carmen Amy-Leigh Hickman
Jody Kia Pegg
Denise Victoria Alcock
Rob Neil Armstrong
Kingsley David Avery
Luke James Bartlett
Tyler Miles Butler-Hughton
Faith Leanne Dunstan
Harry Philip Graham Scott
Tee Mia McKenna-Bruce
Gus Noah Marullo
Johnny Joe Maw
Rick Daniel Pearson
Elektra Jessica Revell
Frank Chris Slater
Lily Kettle Jessie Williams
Director Craig Lines
Producer Louise Sutton
Writer Dawn Harrison
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