My Mad Fat Diary

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My Mad Fat Diary

Series 1 - Episode 1



Anyone who’s ever been an angst-ridden adolescent (ie everyone) will be torn between wanting to chortle and hug the heroine of this new teen drama. It’s based on the published diaries of the real Rae Earl but has transplanted her trials and tribulations from the 80s to 1996 — hence the stonking Brit-pop soundtrack.

We meet 16-year-old Rae on the day she’s discharged from psychiatric hospital and returns home to an unsympathetic mum, who’d rather canoodle with her illegal immigrant boyfriend than spend time with her stroppy daughter. All the latter wants in life is to be as popular as her effortlessly cool mate Chloe and to snog a boy.

At times Rae (Glaswegian comic Sharon Rooney) rivals the Inbetweeners boys for lewdness, crudeness and wince-inducing hilarity. Keep a cushion handy for the swimming pool scene.


New series. Comedy based on the diaries of 16-year-old Rae Earl, whose body image and mental health issues do not hamper her lust for life and her quest to find love. In the opening episode, Rae is discharged from a psychiatric hospital after months of treatment and sets about living as a normal teenager. However, she faces the challenge of trying to fit into a new gang and staying with her mother, who his hiding her new Tunisian boyfriend from immigration. Starring Sharon Rooney.

Cast & Crew

Rae Sharon Rooney
Rae's mum Claire Rushbrook
Karim Bamshad Abedi-Amin
Izzy Ciara Baxendale
Big G Eliot-Otis Brown Walters
Archie Dan Cohen
Churchill Ken Collard
Chloe Jodie Comer
Danny Two Hats Darren Evans
Ninja Daniel Fitzsimons
Dr Kester Gill Ian Hart
Dr Nick Kassar Shazad Latif
Finn Nico Mirallegro
Chop Jordan Murphy
Little Rae Sophie Watson
Shop attendant Zara White
Tix Sophie Wright
Director Tim Kirkby
Executive Producer Roanna Benn
Executive Producer Greg Brenman
Executive Producer Jude Liknaitzky
Producer Matthew Bouch
Writer Tom Bidwell
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