Costa Concordia Disaster: One Year On

Costa Concordia Disaster: One Year On


Exactly a year after it ran aground, the hulking white wreck of cruise ship Costa Concordia still lies stranded just off an Italian island, Isola del Giglio. Dive footage reveals hunks of metal twisted like potato peel just below the surface. And newly released bridge tapes record Captain Francesco Schettino’s dramatic final orders and confusion as the ship struck the rocks.

Both this and Discovery’s two-part The Whole Story (7pm, 8pm) help to piece together just how one of the most sophisticated ships in the world found itself wrecked on the Italian coast, at the cost of 32 lives.


New evidence and previously unseen footage casts new light on the sinking of the 140,000-ton cruise ship in 2012, considered one of the worst maritime disasters in recent history.