Mr Selfridge

Series 1 - Episode 2



Now that the genteel Paradise has temporarily closed its doors over on BBC1, you’d think a glamorous period drama about Oxford Street’s famous department store would be just the sort of retail therapy we need. Yet, despite the sumptuous settings and glorious costumes, perhaps this is too similar to The Paradise to be a truly satisfying replacement. Or maybe we just need time to get used to its comparative brashness.

In the second episode the store is struggling to attract customers, so the ever-exuberant Harry Gordon Selfridge (does he ever do anything quietly?) comes up with a spectacular idea to pull them in. Unfortunately his, shall we say, zest for life results in him being caught in a compromising situation with Ellen and leads to an uncharacteristic moment of self-doubt.


The store has been open for a few months, the displays are dazzling and the staff are as eager as they were on opening day - but customers are few and far between. In an attempt to attract business, Harry arranges a meeting with French aviator Louis Bleriot - the first man to fly across the English Channel - hoping to exhibit his plane inside Selfridges. The event is a huge success, drawing in crowds of shoppers, but the retail magnate's sense of victory is short-lived. First, Lady Mae turns up to remind him how much he is in her debt. Then, he's caught in a compromising situation in Ellen's dressing room. Drama, starring Jeremy Piven, Katherine Kelly and Zoe Tapper.

Cast & Crew

Harry Selfridge Jeremy Piven
Rose Selfridge Frances O'Connor
Lady Mae Katherine Kelly
Ellen Love Zoe Tapper
Frank Edwards Samuel West
Bleriot Orlando Seale
Henri Leclair Gregory Fitoussi
Roddy Oliver Jackson-Cohen
Agnes Aisling Loftus
Reg Towler Nick Moran
George Towler Calum Callaghan
Mr Grove Tom Goodman-Hill
Miss Mardle Amanda Abbington
Mr Crabb Ron Cook
Lois Selfridge Kika Markham
Victor Trystan Gravelle
Mrs Worthington Angeline Ball
Kitty Amy Beth Hayes
Doris Lauren Crace
Alf Christian Patterson
Sam Alexander Cobb
Miss Blenkinsop Deborah Cornelius
Miss Bunting Pippa Haywood
Tony Travers Will Payne
Fraser Malcolm Rennie
Rosalie Selfridge Poppy Lee Friar
Violette Selfridge Freya Wilson
Gordon Selfridge Adam Wilson
Beatrice Selfridge Raffey Cassidy
Mr Perez Timothy Watson
Mabel Sophie May Wake
Nancy Nicola Millbank
Director Jon Jones
Executive Producer Kate Lewis
Executive Producer Andrew Davies
Executive Producer Rebecca Eaton
Producer Chrissy Skinns
Producer Jeremy Piven
Producer Carmel Maloney
Writer Andrew Davies
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