Series 1 - Episode 3 Congo

Wed 4 Oct 12pm - 1pm Eden
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We get so many beautifully filmed sequences here (luminous fungi, a hippo in the sea, a very sweet bird called a picathartes). But in the end it’s not the coffee-table photography that captures your heart, it’s the stories.

Best of those tonight is the saga of the little leaf-folding frog who has to climb up to the top-most leaf to broadcast his call, except that doing so means competing with all the other little frogs trying to do the same thing. The slightly hopeless kick boxing that ensues is lovely to watch, as is the origami that gives the frog his name. All of this unfolds (or folds up) in tonight’s destination, the vast forests of the Congo.


David Attenborough looks at the varied creatures of the Congo rainforest, one of the most competitive habitats on Earth. A sweet-toothed chimpanzee uses a complex array of tools to access honey from a beehive, the elusive picathartes bird feeds unsuspecting frogs to its dinosaur-like chicks and a massive female python reveals her maternal side as she sunbathes to incubate her eggs. Tiny leaf-folding frogs battle it out kung fu style, and as darkness falls the forest elephants gather to face their rivals.

Cast & Crew

Narrator David Attenborough
Executive Producer Michael Gunton
Producer Verity White
Series Producer James Honeyborne
Documentary Nature