Garden Forks/English Toffee/Paint Chip Cards

Series 19 - Episode 1 Garden Forks/English Toffee/Paint Chip Cards

Tue 31 Oct 8:30am - 9am Quest


From the meticulous printing of paint chip cards to the more rough-and-ready machines that help create “hand-made” English toffees and shape garden forks, this series shows that even the most mundane objects depend on engineering innovation.

Did you know, for example, that a gloss meter checks the shininess of every one of the three and a half million paint cards that roll out of the factory each day? Or that that a punch press weighing a whopping 600 tons is used to transform a molten steel slab into a regular garden fork? When technology makes every part of our lives more precise, sometimes doing something by eye just doesn’t cut it.


The manufacture of garden forks, English toffee, paint chip cards and Bundt pans, and how processes have developed through the years.