The Food Inspectors

The Food Inspectors

Series 2 - Episode 2



The series that loves to terrify us with everyday foods this week explores the lethal possibilities of chicken. In Gravesend, an inspector visits a Chinese takeaway and finds a box that once contained frozen food is used to store cooked chicken. She’s not happy. Back at the food lab, presenter Chris Hollins meets a woman who believes ordering chicken and noodles left her hospitalised with kidney failure.

Meanwhile, the man from Reigate council is shocked to see chicken wings left under a pizza oven to defrost. Among these fowl deeds, Chris gets what should be any presenter’s dream assignment – a trip round a pie factory.


Sharon, from West Yorkshire, reveals how she suffered a serious case of salmonella poisoning - resulting in her being admitted to hospital with kidney failure - while Kent animal lover Linda discovers how much bacteria is lurking in her kitchen as a result of giving her pets the run of her home. Chris Hollins heads to Greater Manchester where he visits a Wigan pie-making factory, to witness how safety and hygiene levels are being maintained at every step of the process. Plus, a Chinese takeaway and a pizza delivery company are visited by the food inspectors.