One Born Every Minute

One Born Every Minute

Series 4 - Episode 3



“Women are very resilient but you still get surprised by how strong they can be… during labour they’ve got so much going on and all the anxieties that everyone has when they’re having a baby… plus they’re kind of doing this alone,” says one of the midwives at Leeds General Infirmary.

That’s certainly true of Alexandra (or Sasha as she prefers to be called), who has split up from the baby’s father and is very much on her own as her family is back in Latvia. She’s fiercely independent and so has decided on a home birth even though there’s no guarantee of a birth partner. This gives rise to some hilarious midwife stories including the one about a woman in advanced labour who held her husband’s hand tightly throughout the birth. However, when he was asked if he’d like to cut the cord, he revealed he was actually only the taxi driver who’d brought her in.


Two strong-willed first-time mothers give birth at Leeds General Infirmary. Alexandra is 25 and left her native Latvia in search of adventure. She believes her child is the missing piece in her life, even though the father is not around anymore. Surbhi is from a warrior Hindu caste and knows what she wants, while her husband will do anything to please her, especially as he feels responsible for a motorcycle accident that left his wife paralysed in one arm.

Cast & Crew

Director Morag Tinto
Executive Producer Peter Moore
Series Director Emily Smith
Series Producer Dominique Foster