Great Night Out

Great Night Out

Series 1 - Episode 1



Worst Week of My Life was one of the standout rom-coms of recent years. ITV’s new series comes to us from the same writing team, but they’ve mislaid their deft touch with caricatures and comic mishaps. Instead we get a fairly heavy-footed farce revolving around four 30-something lads from Stockport — all likeable and well acted, but at the mercy of laboured plots. For instance there’s a salsa class full of embarrassment (two blokes have to dance together!) and a getting-the-groom-to-his-wedding caper that goes wrong in ways we can see coming from the Pennines.

Underneath the prehistoric take on relationships and gender differences, it’s a series with a warm heart and a
sense of fun. What feels odd is that a drama about 30-somethings in 2013 should look and feel so proudly and resolutely old-fashioned.


Comedy about four thirtysomething men who gather for a weekly night on the tiles in Stockport, as they try to help one another solve problems surrounding work, romance and family. Would-be alpha male Hodge narrowly dodges wife Kath's fury after botching the plans for their wedding anniversary party - and then he and the other lads get waylaid on the way to the venue after stopping to help a worse-for-wear companion. Starring Lee Boardman, William Ash, Craig Parkinson and Stephen Walters.

Cast & Crew

Beggsy William Ash
Hodge Lee Boardman
Glyn Craig Parkinson
Daz Stephen Walters
Colleen Naomi Bentley
Julie Christine Bottomley
Kath Rebekah Staton
Warren Ricky Tomlinson
Mrs B Susie Blake
Bev Isy Suttie
Kelly Jessie Clayton
Mandy Lucy Gaskell
Wayne Oliver Boot
Gerado Alex Lowe
Chris Tom Bennett
Martha Beatrice Kelly
Summer Jessica Gunning
Train attendant Andrew Buckley
Barnet leader Connor Mills
Director Elliot Hegarty
Executive Producer Jimmy Mulville
Executive Producer Paul Schlesinger
Executive Producer Mark Bussell
Executive Producer Justin Sbresni
Producer Pat Lees
Producer Angela Sinden
Writer Mark Bussell
Writer Justin Sbresni
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