Series 2 - Episode 1



Ruth Jones’s series about the chaotic life of a divorcee in the Welsh valleys has always had a bit of steel beneath its joyful family dynamics and cosily eccentric characters. On the evidence of the opening episode of series two, there’ll be more drama this year in the aftermath of the first run’s cliffhanger: Stella (Jones) might not live happily ever after with her new man Sean, since the baby she’s expecting might not be his, and her rekindled old flame, Rob, is inconveniently still around. 

We’re setting up the new storylines tonight but, in between, there are the usual bursts of bawdy comic relief, from Stella’s heroically rude aunt, back from Tenerife and insulting everyone in Pontyberry, to dipsomaniac undertaker Paula (Elizabeth Berrington). Her husband Dai is more involved in the business now, but needs a lot of training. “Well, of course, they have to be dead first! It won’t work otherwise, will it?”


Ruth Jones returns as the gutsy fortysomething working mum from the Welsh Valleys. Stella and Sean are preparing for their new arrival, while Emma is settling into married life with Sunil. But domestic bliss looks like being short-lived for both mother and daughter when Rob's business dealings bring him back to Pontyberry and Sunil enrols at medical school - and soon takes to the boozy student life. Meanwhile, Dai begins working at the funeral home with wife Paula, causing untold problems for the couple. Comedy drama, co-starring Kenny Doughty, Catrin Stewart, Mark Lewis Jones, Rory Girvan, Owen Teale and Elizabeth Berrington.

Cast & Crew

Stella Ruth Jones
Sean Kenny Doughty
Emma Catrin Stewart
Rob Mark Lewis Jones
Luke Craig Gallivan
Dai Owen Teale
Paula Elizabeth Berrington
Alan Steve Speirs
Karl Julian Lewis Jones
Nadine Karen Paullada
Sunil Rory Girvan
Aunty Brenda Di Botcher
Writer Ruth Jones
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