Trouble Abroad

Series 1 - Episode 2



A series about expats struggling to keep their heads above water could be an excuse for schadenfreude – let’s jeer at people who thought they’d found the perfect life in the sun but got found out. It’s nothing like that. The characters we meet – in France, Spain and Florida this week – are upbeat, plucky, enterprising people. But they’re also royally stuffed.

In the case of Claire, her bar on the Costa Blanca should have tumbleweed blowing through it, it’s so empty. She and her staff try everything, but they’re swimming against a heck of a tide – Spain’s recession. “One thing I am is a try-er,” says Claire, but you can see the struggle is getting to her, and the cameras have a great eye for the telling detail, the tense laugh or the tear forming in the corner of the eye.


Conclusion of the documentary following the stories of British expats struggling to survive away from the UK. Corin and Jayne Fairchild see their dream of becoming wine-makers in France destroyed after being sold a substandard vineyard, Claire Tyson fights to keep her bar open in recession-hit Spain and Paul and Jennie Skingley's business collapses in America, putting their family's future in jeopardy. Narrated by Sarah Lancashire.