What Doesn't Kill You

Series 3 - Episode 1 What Doesn't Kill You



“I shot my best friend’s father,” says Jane Rizzoli as this third season opens, reminding us that when we were last in her company, she’d just opened fire on Maura Isles’s mobster dad, Paddy.

The fact that he’s taken a bullet doesn’t do wonders for Jane and Maura’s relationship. But there’s plenty of well-plotted police procedural action to go with the sniping, even if lines like “don’t bust my balls” come straight from the well-thumbed handbook of TV-cop clichés.


Jane and Maura's friendship suffers in the aftermath of Paddy Doyle's shooting, and Jane's relationship with Agent Dean comes to light. Crime drama based on the novels by Tess Gerritsen, starring Angie Harmon.

Cast & Crew

Maura Isles Sasha Alexander
Jane Rizzoli Angie Harmon
Lt Sean Cavanaugh Brian Goodman
Frankie Rizzoli Jr Jordan Bridges
Det Barry Frost Lee Thompson Young
Det Vince Korsak Bruce McGill
Angela Rizzoli Lorraine Bracco
Special agent Gabriel Dean Billy Burke
Dr Pike Ed Begley Jr
Stanley Alan Rachins
Cliff Alimi Ballard
Capt John Connors Darren Pettie
Director Michael Katleman
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