Growing Up Poor


Series 1 - Episode 1 Girls



The summer of 2012 will probably be remembered by the nation for the Jubilee and the Olympics, but for the three teenage girls in Tim Lawton’s resolutely unjudgemental film those high points are nowhere on their radar. Instead they’re negotiating social services, troubles with the law and living on less than £10 a day.

It can be dispiriting. Bridie, at 17, for example, is all too aware that her waywardness may have blighted her hopes of joining the Army. But it’s not all gloom: in Glasgow, Shelby is happy finally to have a cooker that works, while at least pregnant Amber has her mum at her side to lend a hand and provide the occasional hug.


First of a two-part documentary about youngsters facing poverty, beginning with three teenage girls who are on the cusp of adulthood and are all surviving on less than £10 a day. Bridie's ambition to join the Army depends on her staying out of trouble with the police, while 16-year-old Amber has fallen pregnant, and Shelby is currently on benefits, but hopes the work placement she is on will develop into a full-time job.