World Without End

World Without End

Series 1 - Episode 1



If you have a weakness for these hokey medieval sagas, settle down for a treat. World without End follows in the muddy footsteps of Channel 4’s previous The Pillars of the Earth. Adapted from another Ken Follett doorstop, it’s a Canadian-German co-production, scripted by an American and directed in Hungary by a Scotsman. With that parentage, it could be forgiven for being a bit of a pudding, but it isn’t.

When you have the likes of Miranda Richardson in the cast playing a wise old nun or Peter Firth as a scheming Earl, there’s always plenty to watch.
We’re in England in 1327, as Edward III takes the throne after a civil war. Sir Roland (Firth) sees his chance to take control of the city of Kingsbridge, with effects that ripple through the plot to young heroine Caris (Charlotte Riley). Her poisonous aunt is played by Cynthia Nixon, who makes a reference to fig pie that wouldn’t have been out of place in Sex and the City. Meanwhile, an errant knight (Ben Chaplin) applies to become a monk.


It is England in 1327 and after Edward II is killed on the orders of his wife Isabella, their son is installed on the throne, while Sir Thomas Langley, a knight involved in the plot, finds sanctuary in the village of Kingsbridge. Historical drama based on Ken Follett's best-selling sequel to The Pillars of the Earth, starring Cynthia Nixon, Peter Firth and Ben Chaplin.

Cast & Crew

Petranilla Cynthia Nixon
Sir Roland Peter Firth
Sir Thomas Langley Ben Chaplin
Caris Charlotte Riley
Mother Cecilia Miranda Richardson
Queen Isabella Aure Atika
Edward III Blake Ritson
Merthin Tom Weston-Jones
Ralph Oliver Jackson-Cohen
Mattie Indira Varma
Anthony Kevin Moore
Edmund Carlo Rota
Godwyn Rupert Evans
Director Michael Caton-Jones
Executive Producer Ridley Scott
Executive Producer Tony Scott
Executive Producer Rola Bauer
Executive Producer David W Zucker
Executive Producer Tim Halkin
Executive Producer John Weber
Executive Producer Jonas Bauer
Writer Ken Follett
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