Stargazing Live


Series 3 - Episode 1 Stargazing



Time to expand our horizons. Expand them, in fact, to roughly the edge of the visible universe, as BBC2’s live astronomy event returns. At their best, Brian Cox and friends offer a mind-warming glimpse of the wonders of the cosmos, full of the kind of science that makes you wonder – particularly if you’re watching with the benefit of light refreshments – about the Big Picture.

The downside is that when there are three nights of live television to fill, we also have to put up with the odd ill-judged stunt. (Remember last year’s uniquely un-televisual wheeze of getting a small town in Somerset to turn off all its lights?)

But if Cox delivers his usual bite-sized brilliance and Dara O Briain can be encouraged not to deliver his lines at light speed, we should get some fine moments.


Dara O Briain and Professor Brian Cox return for further exploration of the night sky. They begin with the search for evidence of life on Mars and ask viewers to help investigate an uncharted area of the planet's surface, while Liz Bonnin reports live from Nasa mission control to reveal the latest findings of the Curiosity rover. Mark Thompson offers tips on how to observe the moons of Jupiter.