Agatha Christie's Poirot

The Mystery of the Blue Train

Series 10 - Episode 1 The Mystery of the Blue Train



Agatha Christie hated The Mystery of the Blue Train. The 2006 TV version, however, very freely adapted from the unhappy source novel, is one of the brightest jewels in the David Suchet series. Properly sun-drenched and filmed on location in Menton in the south of France, it features wonderful train sequences – of course – a nasty murder – of course – and the divine Lindsay Duncan on top form – of course!


The sleuth finds himself in interesting company as English socialites and American millionaires rub shoulders on board a train bound for the French Riviera. Passengers include oil magnate Rufus Van Aldin (Elliott Gould) and his daughter Ruth (Jaime Murray) - to whom he has given a magnificent ruby known as the Heart of Fire. With members of the aristocracy crammed into a confined space with their husbands, lovers and a renowned gemstone, murder cannot be far away. With Lindsay Duncan, Roger Lloyd Pack and James D'Arcy.

Cast & Crew

Hercule Poirot David Suchet
Derek Kettering James D'Arcy
Lenox Tamplin Alice Eve
Maj Richard Knighton Nicholas Farrell
Ada Mason Bronagh Gallagher
Corky Tamplin Tom Harper
Rufus Van Aldin Elliott Gould
Sister Rosalia Helen Lindsay
Lady Tamplin Lindsay Duncan
La Roche Oliver Milburn
Ruth Kettering Jaime Murray
Insp Caux Roger Lloyd Pack
Katherine Grey Georgina Rylance
Mirelle Milesi Josette Simon
Dolores Etela Pardo
Lady at ball Jane How
Steward Samuel James
Director Hettie Macdonald
Executive Producer Michele Buck
Executive Producer Damien Timmer
Producer Trevor Hopkins
Writer Guy Andrews
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