Brancaster, Norfolk

Series 20 - Episode 2 Brancaster, Norfolk



“We have had the best results of any Time Team dig I’ve been involved with,” enthused John Gater, the team’s “geophys” (underground imaging) expert, about last summer’s dig at Brancaster, Norfolk. We get to enjoy the progress of the three-day dig tonight, as Tony Robinson profiles the Roman fort called Branodunum, which in the third century AD guarded the Norfolk coast and approaches to the Wash from Saxon invasion. We also learn what the most significant of the 2,500 artefacts uncovered reveal about life for the Roman garrison and the locals.


Tony Robinson and the team explore a site at Brancaster in Norfolk that is believed to have been a Roman `shore fort', and possibly a key military outpost. They amass 2,500 finds - their biggest-ever haul - which provide information on contemporary decorative arts, sport and much more, and also undertake a high-definition geophysics survey that generates enough data to crash the computers. The biggest surprise reveals evidence of a high level of trade with the local population, and clues as to how Britons living near the site benefited financially from the Roman presence.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Tony Robinson
Director Chris Rushton
Executive Producer Philip Clarke
Producer Chris Rushton
Series Director Sian Price
Series Editor Jobim Sampson
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