The Sky at Night

Reaching for the Stars

Episode 722 Reaching for the Stars



There will be, of course, no more episodes of the BBC’s ancient astronomy programme fronted by Patrick Moore. He died in December at the age of 89, after five and a half decades of telling viewers where to point their telescopes. Before he passed away, he recorded this final edition, which has the same theme as most of them since 1957: mindful of people watching who might have recently received new observational equipment, Moore advises on how to set up a telescope and what to look for in the winter skies. Nobody did a better job of enthusing newcomers.


For more than half a century Patrick Moore encouraged people to look up at the wonders of the stars. In this programme, recorded just before his death in December, he and the team offer advice to those discovering astronomy for the first time, giving tips on how to set up their new telescopes and what they should seek out in the winter skies.