Britain's Brightest

Britain's Brightest

Series 1 - Episode 1



Clare Balding, who after the Olympics has become a combination of Britain’s best friend and favourite groovy aunt heads this new quiz. Balding is no slouch intellectually, so it’s only fitting that Britain’s Brightest will be looking for clever people rather than those who feel they’ve achieved something by putting their slippers on.

It’s a knockout tournament that tests aptitudes of all kinds, from how contestants process information at speed to their levels of emotional intelligence. The winner will be the person who shows they have the best all-round brain. But first there are challenges to be conquered, both in the studio and on location.


New series. Clare Balding hosts this search to find the most intelligent individual in the country - based not on questions, but on everything from emotional intelligence to processing speed. The knockout tournament sees 24 ordinary people with extraordinary minds completing a series of aptitude tests, challenges and puzzles, before one is crowned champion.