Richard Hammond's Secret Service

Richard Hammond's Secret Service

Series 1 - Episode 1



Prank shows have a bad rep just now, but rest assured, there are no Australian radio hosts involved here. What we have is a lightweight, family-friendly Candid Camera-style show, but with Richard Hammond in charge.

The best prank tonight involves 22-year-old Tasha convincing her parents that her new boyfriend is a prince in the Malvanian royal family (although Malvania, “a principality in the Carpathian mountains”, does not exist, as Hammond is obliged to tell us several times). Tasha’s parents then meet the boyfriend’s family and Borat-lite excruciation ensues as they try a yak’s urine drink and ceremonial hats made of turf.


New series. Richard Hammond hosts a hidden-camera show in which he and a team of actors and comedians complete missions on behalf of the public, playing pranks, getting back at friends or attempting to impress others. Maximum embarrassment is the objective - and it's all caught on film for the entertainment of the viewing nation. In the first programme, the Secret Service convinces a family their daughter is marrying into a royal family, one lad gets stuck in a lift with the passenger from hell and a group of kids watch a teddy bear come to life.