Series 1 - Episode 1



When a man topples fatally off a roof, his wife inherits a nice house and business. What she doesn’t know is that her late husband’s business is online porn. From this point on our heroine looks like she’s sucking an unripe lemon, and much of the humour derives from her prudishness. A family magazine is no place to describe her employees, and an arts channel would be no place for them if Hard weren’t a subtitled import from France — which makes watching it sophisticated.


Following the sudden death of her husband, middle-class housewife Sophie learns that he had been lying to her about his job for 16 years. She discovers that, instead of working in computing as she had believed, he had remortgaged their house against his own X-rated film company and had been financing their affluent lifestyle with the profit from his porn movies. Desperate to keep up with the mortgage repayments, prudish Sophie finds she has no choice but to take over as producer and throws herself into a macho universe that simultaneously intrigues and repulses her. First episode of the French comedy drama, starring Natacha Lindinger.
Drama Comedy