Baby Makers: The Fertility Clinic

Baby Makers: The Fertility Clinic


“The beauty of being a gynaecologist,” chuckles Professor Charles Kingsland, “is that it’s like being a mechanic in a Mercedes garage.” Kingsland – who also likes to rank sperm in terms of football clubs – runs the Hewitt fertility clinic. This fascinating film introduces us to the “masturbatorium” and the staff striving to make childless couples’ dreams come true. (In case you were wondering, men are more like Ford Escorts, and the average sperm count is on a par with Stoke City.)


Award-winning film-maker Richard Macer spends three months in the Hewitt Fertility Centre in Liverpool to discover what it's like helping people become parents. He witnesses gynaecologist Professor Charles Kingsland and his team harvest women's eggs, and the lab workers perform the act of conception in plastic petri dishes. From the perspective of the staff, the documentary also follows four couples as they pursue their dream of falling pregnant.