Series 1 - Episode 1



This drama series takes us back to 1960 and the last intake of young men who are about to serve their national service.

The eight lads are a motley crew: among them there’s a posh boy, a pacifist and a fledgeling East End gangster. But within minutes of arrival on the windswept Army base, they’ve been shorn of both hair and individuality. The incidental music is wonderfully evocative of the period, but it’s got a bleaker and grimmer feel than the successful Land Girls even though it has similar production values and an impressive cast that includes Patrick Baladi, Alex Vlahos (Mordred in Merlin) and Jack Fox.


New series. Drama set in 1960, following eight men who have had their daily lives interrupted by conscription, and must adjust to life as an operational team known as Two Section as they begin two years of National Service. Jack Fox and Alex Vlahos star.